Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

The Weight Management Program at Community Memorial Hospital offers a strict weight loss program that allow you to achieve your goals safely without surgery, under the direction of a physician.

Our program is a one year program that can be renewed every year based on your goals. Through out the program you will have a variety of different appointments with Dr. Vasavi Reddy, a dietitian and our exercise physiologist. 

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We give you the support, accountability, and guidance you need before, during and after your treatement to help you maintain a health weight for life. We understand that each person has a differfent path to his or her ideal weight, and we design a program to fit your individual needs. It will be flexible enougjh that you can maintain a weight loss diet, exercise, and include the support you need to do it well.

This program requires a referral from your primary care provider.

There is no start-up fee to this program. The cost of the one year program is dependent on your insurance, however there is a cash cost of the program. We encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider to verify your health coverage for wellness. 

Contact our office today to learn more: 419.542.7718.


View our weight mangement brochure for more information.

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