About Your Stay

About Your Stay

Nursing Care:

Your nurses realize that being hospitalized can disrupt daily life for you and your loved ones. While you are in the hospital, the nursing staff will work with you to meet your individual needs. If you have any special requests, please ask your nurse.

Your Room:

Your assignment at CMH is based on your admitting diagnosis and bed availability at the time of admission. Our private rooms were designed for your comfort and safety. Two semi-private rooms are also available for siblings or family members. Your nurse will show you how to operate your nurse call button, hospital bed, telephone, and television.

Personal Belongings:

We encourage you to bring personal items such as slippers, pajamas, and toiletries to make your hospital stay more comfortable. Items that are easily lost or broken, such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, dentures, and hearing aids, can be placed in the drawer of your bedside stand. Other personal belongings can be kept in the closet or drawer space provided in your room, where they will not be disturbed unless you give someone permission to do so. We ask that you leave valuables at home.

Cellular Phones:

Due to possible interference with medical equipment, CMH restricts the use of wireless communication devices. Please check with a hospital staff member prior to using your phone in patient treatment areas.

Smoke-Free Policy:

Since smoking and the use of tobacco products are major contributing factors to many health problems, Community Memorial Hospital has instituted a smoke-free policy that prohibits smoking on any CMH property, interior or exterior, owned or leased. This policy is for the health and well-being of our patients, visitors, and team members. Our physicians and staff are ready to assist you with smoking cessation. Please consult your physician about nicotine-replacement products or other therapies.


If you are taking medication at home, please bring a list of the drug names, dosages, and times you take them. This list will be helpful to the nurses who will give you prescribed medications and monitor your dosages while you are in the hospital. You do not need to bring your medications with you for your stay; the pharmacy at CMH will fill all prescriptions ordered by your doctor. After your discharge, prescriptions can be filled by your local pharmacy.

Pain Management:

At CMH, you can expect:

  • Information about pain and pain relief options

  • A concerned staff committed to pain prevention and management

  • Health professionals who respond quickly to reports of pain

  • State-of-the-art pain management

We encourage you to ask your doctors and nurses what to expect, discuss pain relief options, ask for pain relief when pain first begins, and tell us if your pain is not relieved. Always discuss any concerns and ask questions about your pain relief options with your doctors and nurses.


Your patient room and bathroom will be cleaned daily during your stay. Your care and comfort are important to us. If we missed anything, or if there is something else we can do to improve your stay, please tell your nurse or call Housekeeping at ext. 5569.

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