Saturday Bump Clinics

Saturday Bump Clinics

The Bump Clinic is Currently Closed.



During the fall sports season, our Saturday Bump Clinic is an opportunity to have sports-related injuries evaluated by a certified athletic trainer. Dr. John Haggerty, a certified athletic trainer and chiropractor, or another certified athletic trainer will provide athletes and their families with an assessment and give recommendations for treatment which may include evaluation by a physician, x-rays or other diagnostic testing, physical or aquatic therapy, a home exercise program, alteration in the training program, or a change in equipment.

Evaluations at the Saturday Bump Clinic are a FREE service. Recommended services beyond the primary evaluation, such as physician office visits, therapy, or x-rays, can be billed to your insurance.

The Saturday Bump Clinic is held at Dr. Johnathon Haggerty's office on the campus of CMH, from 7-8:00 AM during the fall sports season. No appointment is required. Adult athletes and student athletes from all area schools are welcome.

Athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or bring a completed Bump Clinic Form.

CMH is proud to provide Athletic Training for Hicksville, Edgerton and Fairview High Schools!

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