Obstetrics Closure

Press Release: Obstetrics Closure


July 28, 2022





Subject: Obstetrics Department Closure


Staff at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) have been notified that the Board of Governors have voted to close the CMH Obstetrics Department and stop labor and delivery services effective Sunday, September 18, 2022.

Roy Davis, CEO, stated “It is a very difficult decision. Labor and Delivery is a unique service line that requires intensive staffing and training. Unfortunately, the pandemic response, years of declining births and the struggle to recruit staff, have led to an unsustainable financial position for the hospital. The OB staff will all be offered current open positions within the system and there will be no layoffs.”

Expectant mothers may continue to receive their prenatal and postnatal care with a CMH physician and then deliver at another facility. To assist with continuity of care for our patients, CMH is currently working with area hospitals to credential our OB physicians so that they may choose to deliver their patients at those facilities.  


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