Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Since the Mark, Milford, Hicksville joint township hospital first opened in 1953, Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) has been dedicated to improving the health of residents in our service area. To support this mission, we have continued to expand and improve our facility with major additions/renovations in 1958, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1993, and 1999.

Phase I of our long-term facility plan, the construction of a new hospital, was completed in late 2006. In 2011, the first part of Phase II, our Aquatic Therapy Pool, was completed. Now, in 2012, we hope to begin the final portion of Phase II, the relocation and expansion of the Respiratory and Laboratory Departments.

Plans for completion of Phase II would convert the remainder of the old surgery area into new space for the Respiratory and Laboratory Departments. In addition to larger, more appropriately configured space, this project will relocate these two departments closer to the front of the hospital and closer to our in-patient rooms, surgery, the emergency department, and registration.

The new Respiratory area will have individual treatment rooms to solve both the privacy issues and eliminate the need to close the department for breath alcohol testing. The Respiratory Manager will have a private office, allowing for confidential manager-employee discussions.

Respiratory and Laboratory will share a reception area. Team members will be aware when new patients arrive, patients will be acknowledged promptly, and they will be able to wait in a comfortable seating area.

floor planLaboratory will have individual phlebotomy rooms for patient privacy. Laboratory’s testing area will be twice the size of the old space, and will have mobile workstations and cabinets that can be easily reconfigured as new equipment is acquired. The expanded testing area will allow us to add more technical workstations, produce test results more quickly, and increase our overall capacity for testing.

Storage capacity in Laboratory will also be greatly increased, allowing us to reduce costs by purchasing in bulk, while also keeping the work areas neater, properly accessible, and more professional looking.

We Need Your Help:

The success of our previous building campaigns is due to the generous support of local community members. From the construction of our very first hospital facility in 1953, to our replacement facility in 2006, this community has always supported CMH’s efforts to grow and improve.

As we embark on the Capital Campaign to complete Phase II by relocating and expanding the Respiratory and Laboratory Departments, we again need the support of our community. Any gift, no matter the size, is appreciated. You can make a one-time gift or make a pledge to donate over a multi-year period.

Contact Steven Caryer at 419-542-5695 with any questions you may have regarding this capital campaign.

Read the entire Case Statement for this project. You may also request a printed copy of the Case Statement by calling 419-542-5566.

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