Financial Assistance Programs

Financial Assistance Programs

Community Memorial Hospital has had a long-standing commitment to share responsibility for providing care to all members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay. No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay; and there is a discounted/sliding fee schedule available based on family size and income. The following HCAP and charity care information outlines our commitment to providing free and significantly discounted care to patients due to financial hardship.


Family incomes at or above 250% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible to receive, without charge to the individual, basic, medically necessary services at the hospital or rural health clinics.

HCAP and Charity Guidelines



Family size

HCAP (Federal Poverty Level)

Charity (100% of FPL) 100% Discount

Charity (150% of FPL) 80% Discount

Charity (200% of FPL) 40% Discount

Charity (250% of FPL) 20% Discount

For individuals





For a family of 2





For a family of 3





For a family of 4





For a family of 5





For a family of 6





For a family of 7





For a family of 8





For a family of 9+

Add $4,720 for each extra


Add $7,080 for each extra


Add $9,440 for each extra


Add $11,800 for each extra


Effective for Dates of Service Beginning January 1st, 2022


Other Payment Options:

Financial Counseling is always available. Our staff can assist you with pre-payment arrangements for planned expenditures. CMH provides free or discounted services to eligible patients for Emergency Care or Medically Necessary Care.


Programs include the following:


  1. High Deductible / Uninsured Discount

Patients who are uninsured or on a high deductible insurance plan may qualify for a 25% discounted payment option. Please contact the Business Office for more information at (844) 862-0037.

-For 2022, the IRS defines a high deductible health plan as any plan with a deductible of at least $1,400 for an individual or $2,800 for a family

*Please note that the Pre-Payment and High Deductible / Uninsured Discounts can be combined.


2. Early Payment Discount

Underinsured or uninsured patients who can pay their balance in full within 30 days of their first self-pay statement may be eligible for a 10% Early Payment Discount. Don't hesitate to contact the Business Office for more information at (844) 862-0037


3. Payment Plan

All patients with unpaid balances are invited to call the business office to set up payment plans. Payment plans can be arranged for up to two years and a minimum payment of $50.00 per month. Please contact the Business Office for more information at (844) 862-0037.

Patients who do not qualify for one of the above-mentioned programs and, therefore, do not qualify as eligible under this policy may be eligible for other discounts for Emergency or Medically Necessary Services administered outside of this policy.


Eligibility Requirements:

CMH’s Discounts are available to patients who do not qualify for Medicaid, HCAP, or other government-sponsored programs.


The Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) experienced a failed computer system conversion during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we are sorry to share that this has caused some delays in our billing processes dating back to May 2021 and earlier. Our new leadership team has vast experience in system conversions like this and is focused on positioning your hospital to be financially viable for the future. Please accept this as our apology for failing to meet your expectations for financial excellence and our commitment to exceeding them as we move forward.

Patients concerned about their ability to pay for services or want to learn more about financial assistance should contact the Guest Services department at 419-542-5590.


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