Elara Caring Hospice Services

Elara Caring Hospice Services

We are proud to partner with Elara Caring for our communities in-patient and home based hospice services. 

Hospice care is a program of care and support for individuals when a cure is no longer likely or the patient has chosen not to pursue aggressive curative treatment. The focus is on the patient's quality of life. Hospice cares for the patient, as well as assists their caregivers.

Elara Caring is one of the nation's largest providers of hospice care, with a footprint in the Northeast, Midwest and South. Their intimate understanding of our patients' needs allows us to apply proprietary platforms to deliver proactive, customized care that improves quality of life and keeps patients in their homes. Elara Caring makes the discharge to hospice care easy.


Services Provided:

  • Easy Electronic Referral Processing
  • Available every day, any time, holidays and weekends
  • Reduced Unnecessary Hospital Readmissions
  • Medication, Management and Reconciliation
  • Diagnosis-Centric Care to Address Unique Needs and End-of-Life Symptoms of Specific Diseases
  • Increased Presence at Bedside When Patients and Families Need it Most
  • Support of Family Involvement Throughout the
  • Patient’s End-of-Life Journey
  • Bereavement Support After the Passing of a Loved One
For more information about Elara Caring at Community Memorial Hospital, please call 419.542.6692.


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