Open MRI

Open MRI

With MRI, an accurate diagnosis depends on a quality scan. That means a detailed look at a specific area of anatomy, good contrast, and a quality image with minimal “noise.” But first, you need to get the patient in the scanner.

A New Era In MRI:

At Community Memorial Hospital, our high-field open MRI scanner enables us to obtain high-resolution MR images for virtually any patient, including children, the elderly, and those who are claustrophobic or obese. But, while our high-field open MRI provides maximum comfort for patients, it does it with optimal contrast and image quality and the performance of a closed cylindrical MRI scanner.

The Power Behind Accurate Diagnosis:

With the unique vertical field design of our high-field open MRI, we are able to provide optimal contrast with the outstanding image quality and speed of a closed cylindrical system. In addition, our open MRI allows us to position any part of the anatomy, including off-center structures like shoulders and wrists, in the isocenter of the magnet. This ensures superb image quality for anatomies that traditionally have been more difficult to scan with MR.

Improving Speed & Resolution:

Our high-field open MRI also delivers pure signal integrity, thanks to direct digital sampling. So resolution, SNR, and speed of scan are improved. Actually, fast data acquisition and high field strength enable us to perform all high-end studies (breast MRI, diffusion studies, etc.), monitor the MR signal in real-time, and perform real-time studies.

An MRI That’s Widely Accepted:

While physicians appreciate the field strength, image resolution, and range of studies offered by our high-field open MRI, our patient’s experience is every bit as important. Our open MRI unit offers a nearly 360° field of view that lets patients feel relaxed and see what is going on around them. A soft mattress and comfort-minded supports make patients more comfortable. Special technology reduces noise output, which eases anxiety for all patients, but especially for those who might otherwise not tolerate the MRI. And, of course, obese patients who could not fit into a closed cylindrical system can now be scanned... and comfortably. All with field strength, resolution, and capabilities no other open MRI system can offer.

How do I get more information?

Call the Radiology Department at Community Memorial Hospital 419-542-5582 for more information or to schedule your Open MRI scan.

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