Our History

Our History

The history of hospital service in Hicksville goes back to 1917, when Addie Amaden graduated from University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a nursing degree. Following graduation, she returned to Hicksville and decided to convert her home at 610 East Smith Street into a hospital. Miss Amaden operated the hospital until 1929; leased it for one year; and then again operated it until 1939 when ill health forced her, for a second time, to lease the operation.

Esther Morehouse, of Battle Creek, Michigan, was leasing the hospital in 1942 when Raymond Easterly, a local insurance agent, learned of her decision to close the hospital due to financial difficulties. Realizing the importance of having a hospital in Hicksville, he served as the motivating force behind the decision to form the Community Hospital Association for the purpose of operating a local hospital.

An organizational meeting was held on June 9, 1942. In true community spirit, 42 organizations were asked to send a representative to this meeting - and 42 persons were in attendance. At this organizational meeting, officers were chosen and, after a series of meetings, by-laws were accepted and the Community Hospital Association became a reality. This group operated the hospital for almost ten years, soliciting funds annually to keep the hospital going. Mr. Easterly continued his active role, serving on the Board of Trustees for the hospital.

Because Community Hospital had been converted from a home, it was woefully inadequate as a hospital. In addition to lack of space, the arrangement was such that a strong back was a major requirement for all employees. The operating room was located in what formerly was a second-floor attic. Patients had to be carried by litter up the winding, open stairs and lifted over the banisters with each turn. 

The Community Hospital Association knew that a new hospital structure was needed. In 1950, after years of meetings, discussions, and negotiations, the Defiance County townships of Mark, Milford, and Hicksville came together to form the Joint Township Hospital District. They proceeded to purchase land and built a 16-bed facility at our current location on Columbus Street.

The first Mark, Milford, Hicksville joint township hospital opened in 1953, and since, Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) has been dedicated to improving the health of residents in our service area. With support from the community, we have continued to expand and improve our facility with major additions/renovations in 1958, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1993, and 1999. These expansions included physician offices, radiology services, surgical suites, and the Health Fit Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. Our most recent major addition was the construction of a new hospital facility in 2006 which included a new inpatient wing, emergency department, obstetrics department, surgery suites, café, and meeting rooms. In 2011, we constructed and opened an Aquatic Therapy Pool. In 2016, we completed a reinivation of lab and respiratory services. In 2019, an Orthopedic specialist clinic was developed within the hospital.

Our current 25-bed critical access facility serves over 17,500 residents in Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana. Community Memorial Hospital provides a wide range of medical and specialty services including 24-hour emergency care, Musculoskeletal Institute, Specialty Clinics, the regions’ only High-Field Open MRI, and comprehensive rehabilitation services

Family Health Centers are located in Hicksville, Antwerp, and Edgerton, Ohio and Harlan, Indiana, where family practice physicians and advance practice nurses provide primary care to the communities in our service area. In addition, specialty physicians provide personalized care in our Hicksville Specialty Clinic.

We are proud to serve the residents of Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana. It is an honor and a privilege to live and work with local residents who genuinely value quality healthcare that is close to home.

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