Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Surgical Services - CMHCommunity Memorial Hospital offers multiple surgical services and testing by a variety of specialists and surgeons.  Our surgery teams perform approximately 800 surgeries each year in the following areas: Orthopedics, General Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Podiatry, Pain Blocks, Urology, and Ear Nose & Throat.

Our Surgery department maintains two operating rooms and a special procedure room. In an ongoing effort to provide updated and quality services to patients throughout our service area, we have acquired the latest equipment for diagnosing (and surgical intervention when appropriate) for chronic heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD.

Common procedures performed at Community Memorial Hospital are:

  • Hip & Knee replacements

  • Epidurals for Pain Management

  • Biopsies

  • Lumpectomy

  • Mastectomy

  • Excisions

  • Vasectomy

  • EGD

  • Colonoscopy

  • Hysterectomy

  • Appendectomy

  • Hernia Repair

  • Carpal Tunnel Release

  • Laparoscopic Procedures

  • C-Sections

  • Tubal Ligation

  • Cholecystectomy (Gall Bladder Removal)

  • Trigger Finger Release

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